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There are numerous options within the world of apparel and Sportstar Clothing can provide advice to ensure you receive the best value for your budget.  Below are just some of the options but please feel free to contact us if you have something specific in mind.


We recognise that not all clubs have the funds for a modern fancy kit, especially grass roots. If you have sourced a team kit and simply want it customised for your club then we are happy to help.  However, you might be surprised at some of our starter kits so please enquire before you make any commitments.

Cut and Sew

The traditional approach to making team kits is to take mass produced fabric panels of various colours and then cut and stitched them together to create the overall design (hence the name cut and sew). Badges, sponsors and numbers are then added using methods such as heat seal, embroidery and print.

Fully Bespoke Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a modern technique where permanent dyes are used to create an individual design for each client which incorporates the club badge, sponsor logo(s) as well as player numbers. This type of printing is permanent and will never crack, fade or peel. Sublimated kits are becoming more popular, especially with sponsors, as the superior printing allows each client to have a unique eye catching design and the kits tend to outlast traditionally manufactured cut and sew kits.


Contact UsProbably the most well known form of customisation, embroidery can be very effective and long lasting when used with the right materials. Also modern technologies have enabled cross overs with the different services available, so for instance it is now possible to have woven badges made which can be applied to your clothing more quickly than the embroidery process. Contact us for more information.

High End Digital Print

There are many methods of dyeing fabrics or adhering colours to fabrics to achieve a bespoke design. These can be applied to a whole kit, such as full bespoke sublimation, or to specific areas of fabric to enhance an existing garment.

Screen Printing

Usually screen printing is most suited to large numbers of identical garments, so festival t-shirts, whole club merchandising etc. We are happy to advise when screen printing becomes the most cost effective way of providing your requirements.


More than just a clothing supplier Sportstar prides itself on partnering with all the organisations it supplies and is willing to help grass roots clubs build their brand and make the most from their merchandising opportunities. Talk to us about how we can help your club to raise funds with no committed outlay on your behalf.

And more...

We have listed a few of the options that we would always think about with our clients to fulfil their needs however we haven’t even mentioned custom garment labels, clothing tags, bespoke socks, towels, water bottles, kit bags, leisure wear, bumper stickers, window stickers, trophies, equipment etc. etc.  As a club owner you will know the list is endless but rest assured we can help you obtain what you need to make your club fantastic.